Marvels Standard Poodles
Health and Spay/Neuter Contract For Your Puppy

Preamble: This contract has been written for the protection of the Puppy, Purchaser, and Breeder. If Buyer(s) is/are not willing to work on a high professional level of communication, integrity, and ethics please do not move forward with this contract.


Print Name:______________________________, Purchaser,  ___Janis Prothro (JP) __  , Breeder.

AKC#_____________________ Microchip#_________________________________________________, Puppy

1. Travel date is the date established to go to your home. Flying starts at 8 weeks of age, If flying your puppy Cargo or as Carry-on, puppy will have a health certificate issued prior to flying, paid for in price of pup. From Boise ID to your city final destination (for Cargo): Direct flights only. Travel date is coordinated at 6 weeks of age of pup. Flight ticket is agreed to be paid by Purchaser. This is to be coordinated with JP as soon as possible.

2. Purchaser takes full responsibility at Travel Date and agrees to establish a relationship with a licensed veterinarian: a) within 3 days of receiving pup, b) notifying their vet of the vaccination protocols listed in this Purchase Agreement, and c) to keep up to date health care.

3. Purchaser attests and agrees to the following: The purchase of this puppy has been carefully considered and is not an impulsive decision. This puppy is not sold on a trial basis. In the event Purchaser can no longer keep said puppy/adult dog, Purchaser is bound by this contract to contact JP first to make arrangements: a) to return the puppy or (b) to work with JP so a loving home can be found. 

4. Purchaser receives AKC papers at pickup of pup (travel date) and agrees to register the micro-chip WITH the AKC registration of the pup within 30 days of travel date.___________ 

5. It is agreed: the prefix, Marvelsis to be used on the AKC Registration name of this puppy (i.e., "Marvels" must precede the puppy's call name as the AKC registered name). For example: if puppy's call name is “Benelli” - the puppy will be registered with the AKC as: “Marvels Benelli”. 

It is agreed the Marvels prefix is to remain in this puppy’s name on the AKC registration. For example: if you choose to name this puppy “Benelli”, the puppy is registered with the AKC as: Marvels Benelli. 

6. Purchaser agrees this puppy is sold as a "PET ONLY" to spay/neuter or ligation/vasectomy:

  • Female puppy  no sooner than 12 months, no later than 24 months of age___________
  • Male puppy:  no sooner than 24 months of age, no later than 25 months of age____________

unless other agreement made. *Rationale for above Spay/Neuter timetable:

  • Once completed, proof of spay/neuter vet documents must be mailed/sent to JP.

7. It is agreed this puppy will never be surrendered to or placed in a shelter! Purchaser guarantees JP that they will work with/return this puppy so a loving home may be found.

8. It is agreed this puppy is nontransferable! Purchaser will not sell, re-home or give away this puppy to a third party. In the event Purchaser can no longer keep this puppy/adult dog, Purchaser is bound by this contract to contact JP first to make arrangements to return the puppy (or work with JP) so a loving home can be found. This puppy is not sold on a trial basis and JP requires puppy’s return to her if Purchaser is unable or unwilling to care for puppy.

9. JP conditionally guarantees  until the age of 2 years, against congenital defects that will lead to an early death. JP DNA tests all parents above breed standards and will guarantee those markers. Other diseases come about from many variables: non-chiropractic care, diet,  environmental poisoning, vaccinosis, too early spay/neutering depleting healthy hormonal development to integral glands that produce the needed body’s balance, as well as the following…Conditions:

  • A.  Notification: A veterinarian’s letter must be received explaining the congenital defect, and Purchaser agrees to humanely put this pet to sleep, as JP does not want to cause any financial or emotional burden on Purchaser or pet.  A copy of the above named Veterinarian's letter, along with the euthanizing document must be sent to JP at which JP will reimburse Purchaser for the euthanizing cost, and the purchase price of puppy only. No additional reimbursement shall be due or paid, including but not limited to: PayPal 3% or other financial service provider fees incurred in purchasing this pup, travel, food, supplies, supplements, medicines, equipment, veterinary, legal, and/or any other expenses incurred for the care of this pup.                                                                                     
  • B. Ownership: You must be puppy’s original owner, sending pup’s AKC papers to JP. 
  • C.  Supplements: JP recommends and has found her standard poodles periodically supported with  NuVetTMPlus Canine supplement has led to a healthier life, unless other agreed upon. Nutritional supplements help during times of environmental stress, growing bone nutrition, and eating irregularities. Purchaser agrees to have supplements in place at pups Travel Date to assist the transition to new home and bone growth up to 2 years of age.   Nuvet supplement ordering information: Order via internet at: , Order Code 886855 or toll free 1-800-474-7044 from 8am-6pm Pacific Time. Must use Code 886855 to order.
  • D. Dog Food: Purchaser agrees to feed this puppy a 5 star rated dog food found on Rotating protein sources and flavors that include healthy grains. Purchaser will not feed a grain-free diet. Low grade dog foods will cause health issues in your poodle! JP has found that even some 4.5 star rated food products contain carcinogens and/or harmful ingredients. 
  • E.  Purchaser will not vaccinate for Rabies in combination with any other vaccine but space 3 weeks apart from other vaccines - Rabies vaccine should be Mercury-free (thimerosal free). Purchaser agrees to never vaccinate puppy with a Rabies vaccine before 6 months of age. Initial Rabies: 6 months - Booster: 1 year later (at 18 months) - and thereafter every 3 years...Performing an antibody titer to verify pet even needs a booster is ALWAYS best with ANY vaccine!  **Additional information on Vaccine Protocol provided in footnotes.
  • F.  Purchaser agrees to never Vaccinate within 2 weeks of this puppy having any kind of procedure, or if there is even the slightest question that puppy may be ill. Guarantee will be null and void if Purchaser vaccinates this puppy yearly, vaccinates yearly for Rabies or vaccinates puppy for Leptospirosis or Coronavirus (NO EXCEPTIONS). Helpful to have your vet note on the puppy's health records: "No LEPTO or CORONA vaccine!" **Additional information on Vaccine Protocol provided in footnotes.
  • G.  Breeder does not recommend the use of any oral or spot-on pesticides (for flea/tick/heart worm) or heart worm vaccination/injection for heart worm prevention.  **JP uses either food grade Diatomaceous Earth:, or Dr Ben’s Cedar Oil products ( Both products are a non-toxic and safe alternative, proven to kill fleas, mites, ticks (who carry Lyme disease), bed bugs, etc. JP has lived with her poodles at the beach, the CA wine country, and the desert, and have NEVER had any problem with these pests! There is no good reason to poison your pet with neurotoxins (heart worm medication contains) and pesticides (flea/tick)when there are safe alternatives available.

  • H.   This guarantee does not cover any common puppy ailments including but not limited to worms, Coccidia and/or Giardia, vitamin deficiencies, ear infections, any viral, bacterial diseases, disorders brought on by parasites, the development of disqualifying faults, diseases, or disorders, such as cryptorchidism, missing or misaligned adult teeth, umbilical hernia, or anything brought on due to the Purchaser’s negligence, chance, or environmental conditions, such as vaccinosis, cancer, Addisons, diet, digestive disorders, bloat, improper exercise and allergies.    
  • I.  Exclusions: This guarantee does not include hips. Parents are tested for hips between 6 months with PennHip rated Mild to Low risk, to 2 years of age with the OFA rating of Fair, Good or Excellent.  JP uses chiropractic pet care on all parents to maintain healthy bodies. A pet’s tumbles in life, spay/neutering growth change or other physical factors can change even “Excellent” results if not properly cared for. Diet, moderate exercise, preventing injury and regular chiropractic care are all important components of maintaining their structural health. JP encourages reading this AKC article on hip dysplasia (what it is, its Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment) at
  • J.  Purchaser will provide puppy’s health records from veterinarian and retail receipts to the Breeder for #9 (A - G) above should the 2 year Health Guarantee be exercised.
  • K.  This guarantee will be null and void if puppy is Bred (intentionally or not), Injured by accident or neglect or if any of the terms this agreement are not followed.
  • L.   JP is to be notified immediately of any cause for concern over the puppy.

10.  It is agreed this puppy will receive chiropractic care (1 visit) within 12 weeks of age and thereafter as pet may need. At least one chiropractic adjustment per year.

11 JP has provided daily care for pups and mother since birth including proper nutrition, mental and sensory stimulation through various toys newly introduced daily and environmental surfaces, environmental enrichment activities, as well as **Biosensor Stimulation, Rule of Seven Socialization to help ensure that our pups are all happy, confident, socialized, and well adjusted; ready to mold into the perfect companion. 

12. JP had puppy Vet inspected healthy and received a Health Certificate to attest to this fact, that was issued within 10 days of receiving puppy. Breeder has permanently identified puppy with the RFID Microchip which are the latest ISO Standard FDXB format approved by the American Kennel Club. Breeder has provided Purchaser with web page links to extensive puppy raising Information. JP is always available for the lifetime of the puppy for any questions Purchaser may have.

13. Intent:

In making a down payment before a pup’s birth, JP hereby notes your “INTENT” to purchase one of her pups. JP sends this contract to be filled in with your “INTENT” to buy.  Your puppy is “offered for sale” to you only after:  

A.  JP has a vet examine each pup by 6 weeks of age at which time you may select your pup.

B.  JP “offers the pups for sale” now at 6 weeks of age according to your down payment “intent” order 1, 2, 3...

C.  Choice of pup must be made by 6 wks of age unless otherwise stated with full payment at that time. JP signs the contract and provides a copy with registration data at time of receipt of pup.

D.  With your down payment, JP is committing time and money to do her best in communicating and working with you. JP needs to know you are committed in receiving a pup, thus there are no refunds once a down payment is made. If one needs to cancel, the down payment will always be available for your return when you are ready for a pup from JP at which you will be given priority accordingly as long as JP is still breeding.

E.  Adult size, confirmation, color, and temperament are not guaranteed.

F.  JP assumes no financial responsibility for the puppy after leaving her premises for medical expenses due to accidents, injury, behavior, or for any other non-contracted issues.

G.  Breeder cannot be held responsible for not following contract. 

H.  Providing adequate exercise and human contact is a necessity in owning any puppy or dog, especially the standard poodle breed.

14. Price:

 ____________________________________________(Purchaser's name - Please sign)

agrees this puppy is purchased as a "PET ONLY" (surgically fixed to have no offspring) and offered under AKC’s Limited Registration without breeding rights.

PRICE:__________ PURCHASE DATE:___________ (Date of Puppy chosen at 6 weeks).

                  Plus Boarding (If required past 9 weeks. = $20/day):  +$__________

Total $__________  

*If this puppy has been bred, intentionally or not, the 2 year guarantee is canceled, at which the purchaser agrees pay an additional price of: $3,000             

15. Receipt:

Puppy’s name: _________________________________________________________________         Date deposit received: ___________ Deposit amount: $__________                                               Date final payment received: ___________Final payment amount: $____________                

Date Litter Born:____________ Breed: _Standard Poodle_  TRAVEL DATE: ___________

From: (Dam) ________________________________________________  AKC# __________________  

From: (Stud)  ________________________________________________  AKC# __________________

Male  _____ Female _____ Color____________________

AKC Registration #:_____________________

Micro-Chip #:_________________________________________________________

16. Other agreement/s entered here: _____________________________________________________________________________________





By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to the above contract, and also acknowledge receipt of said contract. Nothing is implied that is not written in this Contract. 

Purchaser’s name (please print): _______________________________

Purchaser’s Signature:___________________________________ Date:___________

Breeder’s Signature:____________________________________    Date:___________

**Information on Vaccinations: For the health of your dog, please read these articles on vaccines: 

Core Vaccines, Vaccinosis, Dr Jean Dodd's Protocol:

Safer Vaccine Guidelines - DOs, DON'Ts , and NEVERs:

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