Puppy Travel
Options & Details
Updated: 06-20-22

This Page Consists of Four Sections:

1. Flying Pup with your pup as Carry-on  

3. Delivery by Breeder: Flying/Driving with Your Pet

4. Customer Pick-Up: Driving with Your Pet


Flying with Your Pup as Carry-On 

Flying with your pup as Carry-On: Please check with each carrier to determine their Pet as Carry-On requirements and/or restrictions. 

JP pays for Health Certificate - $89.

Customer is responsible for arranging travel and pays for cost of flight ticket and pet carry-on fee.

Customer provides the carry-on bag for puppy travel.  JP recommends the Sherpa, airline approved carry-on bag (sold at Petco). Size XL is best and most comfortable for your puppy. Potty pads, scent-free baby wipes and a collapsible water container are also recommended.

JP will meet you at the airport with your puppy. Please allow at least 1 - 2 hours between your arrival and scheduled departure. You will have to exit the Arrival gate area to meet me and your pup in the terminal. We will sign the AKC paperwork. I will provide you with the contract. Health Certificate, AKC registration and of course, your puppy! You will have to go to the ticketing counter to provide the Health Certificate and pay for your pup's travel ($125). Next, you will go back through TSA and make it to your departure gate. 

JP recommends purchasing a first class ticket. With preferred boarding and de-boarding, this is much less stressful on you and your new pup. Additionally, we need to plan at least 2 hours meeting time at the airport to finalize paperwork (Contract, AKC  papers, etc.). You will have to exit the arrivals area, meet me in the lobby to finalize paperwork, go to the ticket counter to pay $125 for your pup's travel, go back through TSA security, make it back to your departure gate, then board your flight home. You will appreciate the time saved and hassles avoided from having a first class ticket. There is much more room for your pup's carry-on to fit under the seat in first class!

Notes on Travel:

  • Flight date must be coordinated with JP.  Good scheduling with a litter of pups is important to all.
  • Flight should be scheduled around the time your pup is 6 weeks old.
  • BEFORE you purchase your ticket: check with the airline carrier if they fly pups as young as 8 weeks old. United Airlines does (as of 6-20-22). The other airline carriers may not. I know that Delta Airlines will not fly a pup younger than 10 weeks old.

Section 2

Pup Delivery by Breeder

Many customers choose to have their pup delivered

Pup Flying with Breeder as Carry-On: JP will fly with pup as Carry-On to your airport - coordinated with JP.  Customer must pay in advance for first class ticket plus delivery fee via PayPal invoice or Venmo. Delivery fee covers airport parking, meals, travel time and (if applicable) hotel accommodation.

  • $500 - Half day (up to 8 hours total travel time) 
  • $1000 - Full day (8+ hours total travel time)

*Airline Ticket: JP will send you a PayPal invoice for the airline ticket cost. (if paying with PayPal or Venmo from the website drop down menu below).  A 3.5% fee is added.                         

*Delivery Fee: must be paid via PayPal (drop down menu below) or Venmo . Use the personal account if you do not wish to pay a fee: @Janis-Prothro. 

*Once payment is received, JP will email to you the flight confirmation and payment receipt.

Pup Driving with Breeder to the following cities:

JP will drive with your pup to the following cities.

  • Sacramento, CA
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Reno, NV
  • Portland, OR
  • Salt Lake City, UT

This is a 2-day time commitment for JP.  Delivery fee is $1000  This covers transportation costs, hotel accommodation, hotel fee for pet, meals, parking and 2 days' travel time from Boise and back.

*Delivery Fee: must be paid via PayPal (drop down menu below). You can also pay delivery fee with Venmo.  PayPal's "Pay Later" option is not accepted.

For PayPal: please select from drop-down menu below


Thank you!

Section 3

Puppy Travel: Driving for/with Your Poodle

If you are driving to my home to pick up your puppy:

  • Pups up to one year of age...I do not crate them and do not recommend crates while traveling due to vomiting and their equilibrium to be lost...it's inevitable until they get over 1 yr old and their body stabilizes with balance...I personally don't see my older poodles vomiting once older...if so, I highly recommend chiropractic adjustment to check their atlas and balance alignment.
  • Have jug of water, wash cloths, towels available for traveling to switch out. It is better to comfort them instead of having them being back in a crate all alone...especially leaving family all behind and new environment...I want them comforted, looking forward to the best we can do for them and knowing they have someone loving them in all this experience.
  • If going on a long trip, don't feed before-hand if at all possible. Do have water available. Provide small nibbles of food along the way...it may come back up...it's inevitable.
  • Potty pads and/or Newspapers!
  • Leash car seat harness ( a device that secures the puppy harness to the seatbelt.
  • Pet bed.
  • If you do decide to crate your puppy for travel, of course bring your crate...and know they WILL get car sick on a long drive!

Ready to Drive!

"Ready to Fly!"

"I CAN Fly!"

Check the weather for your Puppy Travel date. Weather.com is what the airlines use to check temps.

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