Puppy Travel
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Updated: 01-20-21

This Puppy Travel Page consists of five sections:

1. Flying Pup as Carry-on

2. Flying Pup in Cargo  

3. Over-all for 1. Cargo or 2. Carry-on

4. Canada Flight Agent Coordinator

5. Driving for/with Your Pet

Section 1

Puppy Travel as Carry-On 

Flying with pup as Carry-On: Airlines serving Boise Airport are: Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, Delta, Southwest, American Airlines and United. Please check with airlines to determine Pet as carry-on requirements and/or restrictions. 

JP pays for Health Certificate. Customer is responsible for arranging travel and pays for cost of flight ticket. JP provides carry-on bag (photo below is a good example of what to have ready for your puppy travel). A collapsible water container is also recommended.

NOTES for Carry-on:

  • The flying date is set for your puppy travel upon the litter being born, 8 weeks old. Mark your calendar once known! Plan ahead and start to call airlines to find which one will work best for you...drill, drill, drill.
  • Pups CAN grow out of the carry on bag by 9 wks so important to fly at 8 wks old! 
  • Morning flights work best for cooler weather and due to bringing other pups to fly cargo, yet will always do best to accommodate the customer.
  • Some flights have limits of how many pets can be carried on a flight so important to study ahead.
  • Customer pays for pup's flight. Health certificate is paid for in pup price, some airlines do not require it for carry-on, yet JP will provide one at all times for flying your pup.
  • We need to plan at least a half an hour to finalize paperwork (Contract, AKC  papers, etc.
  • Next:  After flight decision booking made, you then inform/email JP your  flight plans/itinerary so logistics can be worked.
  • JP must plan to get you to the airport at least 2 hrs ahead of flight.
  • Please call upon your arrival home.
  • Thank you!                                                                                                                        

  • Section 2 

    Puppy Travel - Flying in Cargo

    Customer pays for "Flight" ticket for puppy travel. Current 10/19/20 average cargo price $350, depending on airlines and destination. I pay for pup's health certificate and crate.

    Flying your pet is not difficult. Several points to keep in mind:

    • It will take your time to read through or print off this page to help you know what to plan and expect. 
    • If you fly pup in cargo to your state, I do not have to pay Idaho sales tax due on any pet sale out of state You must check with your state to possibly report and possibly pay sales use tax in your state. See your states "Use Tax" requirements. Being an ethical citizen.

    JP is allowed to sell puppies via the internet and fly pups at 8 wks of age as she is NOT under USDA requirements in having only 1 breeding dam.

    If you'd like to pre-pay for puppy travel flight using PayPal, you may pay for flight with the tab below when ready...the 3% Paypal fee applies. 

         Thank you!

    Please Select Payment Amount From the Drop-Down Menu Below:


    Flying pup in Cargo. DIRECT FLIGHT is most preferred! If not a direct flight, connecting flight/layover must NOT be overnight in an airport or third party kennel! Customer pays for "Flight" ticket.

    Delta Airlines has many options. JP pays for pet crate(s) and Health Certificate(s).  

    JP does not make a profit from charging you shipping. United, Delta and Alaska Airlines are the carriers at Boise Airport that fly pets in cargo. Alaska is less expensive, but is limited on arrival destinations and direct flights. I have found that United and Delta have more options, however as of 10/27/20, they have an embargo on live animal shipment due to COVID 19. This may end very soon, so we stay tuned...

    • A health certificate is completed for ALL out of state travel, paid for in your pet purchase price. 
    • Pup(s) airline flight booking made by JP coordinating with customer specifics. Flight cost must be paid by customer at time of booking to JP.
    • Links for you to each airline carrier provided below:




    • Crates are paid for in pup price at 8 wks old fly out date...they CAN grow out of the crate by 9 wks so important to fly at 8 wks old! 
    • Much older pup/poodles JP splits the larger crate cost with customer.

    Idaho airline shipping variables for puppy travel: 

    A. Data to give airlines upon booking pup's flight are:

    • Make sure Pup as Caro flight is a DIRECT FLIGHT to final destination! If not a direct flight, connecting flight/layover must NOT be overnight in an airport or third party kennel!
    • Shipper: Janis Prothro > 6760 E Warm Springs Ave. Boise, ID 83716  
    • Crate Series: NOTE! each airlines has varying dimensions of a crate for each of "THEIR series"; like "200 series", or "300 series" ...JP has found the "200 series" (28" x 21.5") is the one to give them upon initial call set up for 8wk old pups! Once I drop off pup at each airline, they determine then per their dimensions.
    • Weight of pup with crate varies from 20-25 pounds, 8 wks old.

    C. Crate Size:

    a) Puppy travel at 8 wks old in cargo, this is the reference information for our puppy travel: Crate size for our pups: (27"L x 20"W x 19" or 200 Series)Pup + crate will = 20-25 lbs estimated flying price up to $250-$350 (Alaska) - 10/16/20. As they grow, crate size must change with their weight, be aware the cost rises gradiently to fly larger pets.

    b) Purchasing 2 pups at the same time: a) check with the airlines to know IF a larger crate: (size 33" x 22" x 24" or 300 series) can be used to carry both pups together, that will entail finding out what *size airplane will be carrying the pups. *IF the plane won't allow the larger crate, the 27" x 20" x 19" will have to be used to either carry both pups in it (if they fit), or c) two crates carrying them individually flying out at the same time.

    D. Puppy Travel Day - Important! -

    • Working with your desired airline carrier, Ask them where you are to pick up your pup! Locate where the cargo or pet arrivals come in to so that you can drill ahead of time its location and be there when the pup arrives. Some come into the baggage claim area of an airport and cargo may come into a totally separate facility from the airport.
    • Summer - Arrange for puppy travel on earliest morning flights. These bookings are IDEAL for cooler temps before they heat up to hot states! If it's too HOT we rapidly go to another airline as UNITED to book your flight with ...so we're in close comm that morning/day...
    • Winter - arrange puppy travel on later morning flights for heating up of the temps in that day. Airlines will not ship cargo if the temperature in either the departing city or arrival destination is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • It is the customer responsibility to research and select the flight for the travel date that was set and posted at puppy's birth for their puppy travel, following up with the that information (airlines, flight number and price) sent to Janis via email along with payment via PayPal or Venmo. JP will work logistics depending on your plans…I call and book with airlines your selected flight (for the set 8 week travel day) and check off on checklist in your file that travel is booked and paid for. It is DEFINITE GOOD communication that is required at this time!
    • JP must arrive 2.5-3 hours ahead of time for most airlines. When scheduling your flight, ask what time flights go out in the morning. Some airline ports may only have one fly in time (to you), thus it is important you know what they are to let JP know. Example: Delta cargo opens at 5am...the earliest flight out for your pup with Delta cargo must be at 8:30am...Delta DASH allows 2 hrs but will cost you another $100.
    • JP calls you upon pup drop off, CAN BE VERY early morning hours, be expecting it. Then JP expects customer to phone within 2-3 hrs of pup's arrival that she knows pup is in your loving arms. JP may not hear cell upon different interactions so do leave a message and she will respond asap! 
    • Have water and rag available to wash pet off as they may have soiled in travel. Lots of shredded paper is there for absorption. Pup has been washed at 6.5 wk age so please don't over wash with another detergent...warm water rinse is good.
    • Look for any final paperwork as noted per our emails taped under the pee pad/shredded paper.
    • You must pay JP for shipping. This includes the airline cost, plus taxes, and then any variables which may be added by airlines.
    • Make sure you have drivers license/ID in hand upon pick up!

    Section 3

    Puppy Travel: Overall for Cargo or Carry-On

    All puppy travel flights are paid for by the new ownerJP provides information here to help along the way. This gives one knowledge to what Standard Poodles must go through to fly as well as surety in knowing what airline choice is made and their rules. Your planning and communication is key for this to run smoothly!

    • When pups are born, JP posts the "8 weeks" later traveling/flying your pet date for customers to know. This is going to generally be DURING the week so plan accordingly. Airlines do not "generally" fly as many flights on weekends. 
    • JP pays the flying health certificate for your pup which must be done within 10 days of your pup flying.
    • If flying pup in Cargo, IT MUST BE A DIRECT FLIGHT unless layover does NOT result in overnight stay at airport or third party kennel! 
    • In shipping pup at the earliest day-time hours, JP generally beats any heat problem. Don't worry about JP having to get the pups to the cargo area at 5am to catch your 8:30am flight out--NO PROBLEM. JP will do what needs to be done for the health of the pup and to get your new family member to you without as much stress as possible. This is when the cargo area opens in the morning (5am) and the pups must be there 2.5-3 hours prior to flying out. It seems to work great as the pups sleep the early morning hours.
    • JP uses a dog's mother pheromone spray (fragrance of the nursing mother) just before they leave to help relax them.
    • It is a new age in the pet flying world today, feel comfortable in knowing that your pup is being taken care of on the trip.
    • Sometimes Mother Nature will throw a glitch in the weather for us, JP will do everything possible that day to get you your pet.
    • Good communication is imperative when working through the flight phase, that we can know what is to happen and when.
    • Overseas buyers; For puppy travel, please thoroughly research who your transporter will be in understanding their requirements in #1 above, research your countries import animal rules. Example: Government rules and regulations, how old must the pet be to fly to your country, quarantines, and needed shots.

    Be by your phone and assure I have your cell phone number/s!!

    Section 4

    Canada Flight Agent Coordinator for Puppy Travel

    Sonshinepets LLCa pet travel agency that finds the best flights for puppy travel into Canada. All coordinating must be done via JP and Sonshinepets by law, after coordinating flight you're then put in touch with their agent.

    What is needed:

    • Your name, address, telephone number
    • Two airport options in Canada that your pup can fly into from Boise, ID

    NOTE: This agency can do USA coordinating, there is only a savings of MAYBE $50 compared to the certainty customer and JP get when doing it between us, not bringing in a 3rd party.

    Section 5
    Puppy Travel: Driving for/with Your Poodle

    If you are coming to pick up your pet in your car to my home, here are things to bring

    • Pups up to one year of age...I do not crate them and do not recommend crates while traveling due to vomiting and their equilibrium to be lost...it's inevitable until they get over 1 yr old and their body stabilizes with balance...I personally don't see my older poodles vomiting once older...if so, I highly recommend chiropractic adjustment to check their atlas and balance alignment.
    • Have jug of water, wash cloths, towels available for traveling to switch out, It is better to comfort them instead of having them being back in a crate all alone...especially leaving family all behind and new environment...I want them comforted, looking forward to the best we can do for them and knowing they have someone loving them in all this experience.
    • If going on a long trip, don't feed before hand if at all possible. Do have water available. Provide small nibbles of food along the way...it may come back up...it's inevitable..
    • Newspapers if long distance travel
    • Leash car seat harness ( a device that secures the puppy harness to the seatbelt.
    • Pet bed.
    • We are not crate trainers, that is why the car seat harness. If you crate your pets, of course bring your crate...and know they WILL get car sick on a long drive!

    "Ready to Fly!"

    "Ready to Fly in My Lupine Harness!"

    "I CAN Fly!"

    Check the weather for your Puppy Travel date. Weather.com is what the airlines use to check temps.

    The Weather Channel