Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies!

Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies

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Marvels Standard Poodles Puppies 

Reservation List

Hold,  Breeder - Marvels Standard Poodles F ,   Color -  Open 

  1. 02-02-22  Male,  Color: Black - Reserved for AR - Boise, ID
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Marvels Puppies !

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Large Red and Black Standard Poodle Puppies

Marvels Standard Poodles Puppies Protocol:

Deposits - List Placement - Current Litters -  Bump Backs - Future Litters

Please read the rules: 0)

Deposit date  for a standard poodle puppy places you in line for a pup.  Customer placement on the reservation list, i.e., 1 ,2, 3... go in the order deposits are received.   Here are the following exceptions:                  

  1. If you have given a deposit for a specified sex and / or color then later wish to change sex and / or color preference after others who are further down the list have given a deposit for their specified pup:  You will keep the same place on the list for the pup you specified originally; but for a pup other than your original specified preference, you will be placed  AFTER  the customers on that waiting list for your choice of pup.
  2. If you are on the current waiting list and wish to change to a future litter after others have been on the waiting list (of that future litter) and have known they are getting from that litter - In this case you will be placed for example  AFTER  the customers who are already on that waiting list, as you have changed your mind. 
  3. If the pup that you specified with your deposit is not born to the litter:  ie, you specified a Red Male and NO red males are born - In this case you may either have your deposit returned or bump to a future litter, keeping your deposit date as the order of choosing (with the exception of a breeder hold or others who have an earlier deposit date). Usually, this is a more preferable spot for choosing your puppy.                                                        
  4. I do not return your deposit if you simply changed your mind or circumstances. Please understand that much time, office supplies, postage, and opportunity cost (loss of potential customers because the wait list is too long or full, etc) has been spent before and after a deposit has been submitted. During our interview and before a deposit is accepted, we are in agreement that this is not a spontaneous decision and have addressed all questions / concerns / expectations in order to ensure and verify that customers are fully informed. If we find that we are in agreement, I invite you to place a deposit to reserve a pup. If you change your mind or circumstance later, the deposit is not refundable. 
  5. Customer list bump backs  to a future litter may occur from a litter just born that did not provide the pup specified by that customer. Bump backs are placed on the future litter list in order of deposit date.

Marvels Standard Poodles Puppies

Future Litter Reservations

* Please note: Customer list bump backs to this litter may occur from the current litter that did not provide the pup specified by that customer. Bump backs are placed on this future litter list in order of deposit date.

Hold, Breeder - Marvels Standard Poodles F , Color - Open

  1. ___________ 
  2. ___________
  3. ___________
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Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies
Contact Form: A Few Important Notes
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 All Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies  are sold as pets only, limited AKC registration with no breeding rights.   

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  • After you submit the Contact form, I will email you within 24 hours to provide you with my cellphone number so that you can contact me at the day / time you specify in the Contact form for an interview. 


  • I will set aside this time for you, so please call at the day / time you specify. 
  • If you do not contact me, I must assume that you are no longer interested in an interview for a Marvels Standard Poodle puppy.
  • Be sure to check your junk mail folder in case my response email was sent there instead of your inbox.
  • Contact Janis via Form below.
  • I respond  with an email where I provide my cell phone number. Please CALL ME at this point for an interview!

Thank you for your interest in our Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies! 

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