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Welcome to Large Standard, website home for the Marvels Standard Poodles line. I am a small breeder of beautiful red and black standard poodles located in Boise Idaho, (an all-round nice place to be!)😊

Here at Marvels, I am dedicated to producing healthy, happy standard poodles who will make excellent companions for you to love and cherish. I breed for health, temperament, structure and size. I love the larger poodles! I also focus on keeping those remarkable dark red and inky black colors that everyone loves!

Large Standard Poodles: Parents

An extensive amount of research, testing, assessment and time have gone into finding and testing my poodles. Scarlet is a beautiful deep, dark holding red standard poodle. Marvels is a stunning jet black *royal standard poodle.

They are both fully health tested, including DNA, and evaluated for sound structure and solid temperament. I adhere to the highest quality breeding standards. My poodles are lovingly cared for. They are never kenneled and live inside with the family. I believe these are responsible protocols, and the best assurance that you will have - not only a nice poodle - but an exceptional poodle!

All royal poodles are standard poodles. The term “Royal” is intended to infer an extra large size

Large Standard Poodles: Puppies 

Puppies are socialized from birth using early neurological stimulation (aka, Bio-Sensor) and the Rule of Seven. In growing Large Standard Poodles my focus is to build the confidence of the puppies by exposing them to new people, noises, surfaces, and environments. At 6 weeks old, puppies will begin taking trips in their wagon to schools, malls, hardware stores, nursing homes, police and fire stations. This is how they get extensive socialization to become the best they can be.

  • I do this for two reasons. The first is to ensure that each puppy starts out in their new home with confidence and enthusiasm. They will make wonderful companions for you to love and treasure as part of your family. 
  • The second reason is equally important. Unsold puppies will not be discounted in price. I believe it's better to pay it forward by donating to service organizations. With their early intensive training, these puppies are well prepared to meet the more complex and challenging performance tasks required of intelligent working dogs. 

Large Standard Poodles: Ongoing Support

I offer ongoing support to new owners. I welcome your questions with enthusiasm because I love the breed and want to ensure that every pup from Marvels develops as they should. They will be ideal companions you can be proud of; and that is the ultimate goal of what I do as a breeder. Please read more about my poodles and complete the Large Standard Poodles Contact Form if you are interested in reserving a puppy.

Sire:  A Perfect World Marvels, He's Going the Distance

Dam:  Bijou's Scarlet of A Perfect World

Poodles Love to Cuddle!

Marvels and Scarlet


That Poodle Look

"For Goodness sakes mom, put down that camera and throw the ball."

"Wait...what? You're supposed to chase me!"