Marvels Puppies!
Current and Previous Litters

I created the Marvels Puppies! page to showcase photos of current and previous litters. I do so love these little angels and taking pictures of them as they grow is such a joy. Knowing that their time with me is short, I try to capture the best of what will become happy memories. All photos are dated with the most recent posted at the top, going back in time as one scrolls down the page.

Biosensor Training

Phase 1: Early Neurological Stimulation (Days 3 - 16)

Marvels Puppies!

Marvels Puppies Travel

Photo taken on the plane - Peeking out of his carry on bag while flying to his forever home

Let all your "tails"come   true! 

"There's no way I'm kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day!"

- Princess Tiara, The Princess and the Frog

**A Very Happy Homecoming!  ***

Last Day of 2020 - Hooray!!!

Running As The Snow Falls

Snow Nose

Back Indoors where it is warm and dry..

Puppies always finds a way to have fun ;-)

*  *

Step #1: Wake up Sleepy Heads

Step #2: Wake up Mama immediately - It's time to go out and play!

Let's go outside!

Looking out on a new day in a great big world

Rule of Seven: Environmental Enrichment Adventures

On Rocks...

On Snow...

On Cement...

On Sand...

On Grass...

...All Part of Environmental Enrichment with Rule of Seven and Biosensor Training!

Marvels Puppies

Week 5-6

~ 6 Weeks Old! ~

~ How do you like my Mohawk? ~

Someone had a very big attitude today

(we won't mention any names)

~ Too much cuteness! ~

~ Nice Poodle Nose! ~

~ I'm gonna grow into these paws! ~

~ Such a Beautiful Girl! ~

~ Here Comes Louie! ~

~ Pink Sky for Benelli ~

~ Outdoors Exploring ~

~ "Hurry up - Let's go!" ~


~ "This is my fancy Poodle walk!" ~

~ Under the Big Blue Sky ~

We're In The Loop!

What's this new surface to walk on? 

"Don't step on that crack - you'll break your mama's back!" LOL

"I'm trying Mama"

"I've got a big future ahead of me!"

"Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom..."



"Did you just say I have 2 more weeks of this?"


"I'm gonna miss you Mama"

Marvels Puppies

Week 4 - 5

Black Beauty

Only 5 more days 'til Christmas...I think I'm getting lots of presents!

We got to go outside today! So much open space!

It's a great big world out there

               I Think I can climb this tree!                                    Dogs don't climb trees!

      Hey sis, I'm King of the Mountain!                                 Hey, wait just a minute!

Happiness is getting a new toy!

Sharing a raw marrow bone with mama

Rule of Seven Socialization

Introduce to older stable male dog - teaches different perspective from the start 

Chewing tail and for pups - Poor Chief!

Rule of Seven - New space to explore

Puppies Always Bring a Smile :o)

Loving that sunshine!


Rise and shine sleepy head!

Climbing and Playing

Rule of Seven - New toy, new texture. Also climbing

I can fly!

Marvels Puppies

Week 3-4

Marvels Puppies - Four Weeks Old Today!

Rule of Seven Socialization Exercise:

First Trips Outdoors: brief and as a group

Rule of Seven  Socialization (Above) 

  • Environmental Enrichment: Outdoors with a new surface to walk on
  • Not afraid to explore - can't get enough of these new sights and smells

In the wee morning hours...Benelli thinks it's time to play!

So Inky Black!

High contrast makes for a very striking little pup!

Rule of Seven - New Bowl

Rule of Seven - Introduce Small Puppy Collars

Rule of Seven - A New Toy and a New Collar

The puppies really start to play when the sun shines through the window

Rule of Seven - New surface texture to eat from - Raw Beef heart with liver and bone broth slurry on a paper plate, yum!

Life is Good!


Rule of Seven

Eating from different surfaces - Tin Pie Plate

Rule of Seven - Introducing New Toys with Different Textures and Sounds

Marvels Puppies Love Fish Tacos!

Hey, that's my fish taco!

Love Each Other

Laughter is Good!


Biosensor and Rule of Seven Fact: Pups trained with these methods are more confident and more apt to explore than pups who receive no training. Louis is excited to leave the safety of the enclosure to explore new areas without fear. The only one nervous here is mama - lol! 

Potty Training

Using the Potty Area Already!

So cute to watch Scarlet play with her puppies!

It's a New Toy! What's this new texture?

Starting on Solids

Rule of Seven, New Texture to Walk on, New Surface to Eat on

Slurry for Two

Just love it when they walk in the food - LOL!

Lamb-Slurry, Yum!

Being a Pup is Hard Work Sometimes

Marvels Puppies are Adorable!

^Prince Louie - The Little Lion King!^

^Aww - Those Puppy Dog Eyes!^

^Rule of Seven Socialization^

Different Surfaces (Butcher Paper, Potty Pads, Fleece Pad) to Walk, Play and Sleep On

^Amazing Growth at 3 weeks^

Marvels Puppies - Week 2-3

^How they've grown!^

Trying to wake up brother to play

Hey, I was sleeping!


A Very Proud Mamma!

I Got Your Back Sis!

 I Got Your Back Bro!

Eyes Are Open!

Nice Black Points!

Yin and Yang

^Two Weeks Old Today^

Marvels Puppies

First Week

Two Little Beans

One Red, One Black


One Day Old

Very Very New Born

Marvels Puppies - Snug As a Bug In a Rug