Marvels Puppies!






Marvels Puppies


"That's my girl!"

"I'm going to be just like my dad!"

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Marvels Puppies !

Marvels Puppies

~ My First Loves ~

~ Louie ~

~ Benelli ~

**A Very Happy Homecoming!  ***

***Benelli with her new mom - It's a girl!***

***Louie in his carry on bag flying home - It's a boy!***

Benelli ~ Running As The Snow Falls

Biosensor Training With the Pups

Biosensor Training

Phase 1: Early Neurological Stimulation (Days 3 - 16)

Exercise 1: Tactile Stimulation

~ All of us look alike! ~

Tactile Stimulation: 

Puppy held securely in hand, a cotton swab is rubbed between the toes of one foot for 3-5 seconds.

If you look closely, some of us are starting to open our eyes>

Exercise Two: Head Up Position

Head Up Position:

Puppy held securely with both hands so that the head is pointing upward for 3-5 seconds

I'm just sooo darn cute! >

Exercise 3: Head Down Position

^ She kept trying to keep her head up ^

Head Down Position:

While still holding the pup securely with both hands, puppy is turned so that the head is now pointing downward towards the floor for 3-5 seconds.

Exercise 4: Supine (Cradle) Position

Supine Position:

Puppy held on its back securely (tummy towards the ceiling) in my hands for 3-5 seconds.

Sunshine Girl >>

Exercise 5: Thermal Stimulation

Thermal Stimulation:

Puppy set (tummy down) onto a damp, cool cloth that has been chilled in the refrigerator five minutes prior to the exercises for 3-5 seconds

Pretty calm - "Yeah, we're just chillin 'momma!"

Your New Puppy

- Care and Training Tips -