Our Red Standard Poodle

* Bijou's Scarlet of A Perfect World *

Red Standard Poodle Scarlet 

 Almond Eyes, Black Points, Great Structure, and the Best Temperament of Any Dog I've Ever Owned! 

* * *

 About Scarlet 

Photo (above) of pregnant Scarlet taken on April 27, 2021. Marvels and Scarlet's puppies are expected to arrive May 15th - 17th!

Scarlet is a holding red standard poodle from the renowned Bijou line. She is AKC and UKC registered with UKC Champions, every generation for 3 generations on both sides of her lineage! I am looking forward to her up and coming litter. Puppies will be red and black. I'm hoping that with Marvels' *royal size we'll get a few large standard poodles in the bunch!

* All royal poodles are standard poodles. The term “Royal” is intended to infer an extra large size

Tracking Scarlet stats:

  • Scarlet is UKC & AKC registered with UKC  Champions on both sides of her lineage for 3 generations!
  • 47 lbs
  • 3/4/20 CERF (eyes) free of observable inherited eye disease, Normal checkup
  • 9/13/19 VWD Clear
  • 9/13/19 DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) Clear
  • 9/13/19 News (Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures) Clear
  • 9/13/19 Gangliosidosis (vision loss) Clear
  • 9/13/19 PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) Clear
  • 6/14/19 PennHip results Mild
  • AKC DNA # V883471
  • EMBARK DNA - tested for over 210 genetic mutations linked to disease - 100% clear!
  • 2 yr 47 lbs
  • 1 yr 45 lbs
  • 6 mo 30 lbs
  • 5 mo 24 lbs
  • 3 mo 17 lbs
  • 8 wks 6 lbs
  • Born 10/11/18 to Red Bijou's Priceless Red Dare (sire) CGC x Bijou's Burning Brightly (dam)

Red Standard Poodle Pictures

One of my favorite things to do is to spend time with these two.  Poodles love to clown around and they always make me laugh. I've posted some pictures of some of our adventures together.  So Much fun! I've  included those photos which most clearly represent their physical characteristics for you to evaluate. My biggest hope though is to impart a sense of who they are; Their personality; their unfettered joy for life; the love they give and happiness they bring.

They remind me that life is beautiful!

Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Woods

Feeling comfy in her whelping box

Two Poodles on a Mission

Searching For the Next Big Adventure...

"We Found It - Let's Go... WooHoo!"

Off To The Next Adventure

Scarlet:  "I bet I'm faster!"  

Marvels:  "Nah, I let you win."

Scarlet Is Having Fun!

"I can fly!"

* Sweet Darling Scarlet *

"Think I Got Sand on My Nose"

She's So Red!

"What's that over there?"


A Perfect Square...

"...But still a very hip dog!" 

Little Red Riding Hood

"Can we go to the Pumpkin Patch?"

Scarlet in the Sunshine!

Scarlet in the Snow

Hooray - It Snowed!


It's Tongue-Out-Tuesday

"I'm getting tired. Can we go home now?"

All In the Day of A Red Standard Poodle

"It's been a long day...Zzzz"

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