Standard Poodle
Payment and What Comes With Our Standard Poodle Pet Price

             #1 Criteria - Our Standard and Large Standard Poodles need your Love                              In my selling a pup to you LOVE, You must truly LOVE this pup! ~

3 Payment Options:

PayPal - Credit Card, Debit Card 
3% fee when using PayPal
*Pay Later option not available

Vemno  -  Credit Card, Debit Card
No fee when using debit card

Cashier's Check
(Final Payment Only)

*All Deposits must be made with PayPal or Venmo
Final payment can be PayPal, Venmo or Cashier's Check 

- Details on All Options and Policies Listed Below - 

In using the Paypal button below:

  • There is a 3% service fee per transaction. Using this feature the service fee is taken whether Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer - they ALL charge me for the internet/credit card service that I must pass on to you for reimbursement.
  • Do not select the PayPal's Pay Later option from the options below! This option is not enabled in my PayPal account.
  • 6/21/18 the Supreme Court voted to compel out of state retailers to pay state sales tax on internet sales to all states requesting compensation. In the past I trusted consumers to report their purchases to their state, now I must do this to the requirements each state draws up. 

In using the Venmo button below:

  • There is no fee charged when using your debit card from linked bank account

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Thank you!

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Sales Tax: 
I Pay the 6% Sales Tax of $180

Idaho State Sales Tax: In-state purchases: When delivery of pup is inside of state, whether at the airport or picking puppy up at my home, a 6% sales tax is due.

When flying pup in Cargo out of state: no sales tax is due to Idaho. You may have to pay tax in your state but talk to your tax accountant on this for further information on what your state requires. **JP must make the flight reservation with the airline carrier for cargo travel (which requires payment at the time of booking by JP). Purchaser must pay JP for travel tickets.

See Idaho tax code exemption for out-of-state sales below:

Idaho Administrative Code State Tax Commission IDAPA 35.01.02 Idaho Sales & Use Tax Administrative Rules.

092.  OUT-OF-STATE -SALES (RULE 092), Sections 63-3612, 63-3613, 63-3622Q, Idaho Code

01. Out-of-State Sales. Section 63-3622Q,  Idaho Code, does not distinguish between purchases made by Idaho residents and nonresidents. The purchase of tangible personal property for delivery by the seller outside the state through either a common carrier, U.S. mails or seller’s delivery service is not subject to Idaho sales tax. (3-20-20)

02. Records.The seller will maintain records to support the exemption claimed in this fashion. Shipping data in the form of bills of lading, postal receipts or invoices setting forth the out-of-state destination with adequate supporting documentation will be accepted as evidence of the exemption. (7-1-93)

**What this (above) means is that in-state sales are taxable! Whether the customer comes to my home to pick up their pup, or if they fly to Idaho where I meet them at the airport and they fly home with pup as carry on: BOTH count as an in-state sale and as such, the 6% sales tax applies. I pay the sales tax for my customers!

For customers who choose to fly their pup out of state as cargo, or if I deliver pup out of state (whether I fly or drive), no sales tax is due per Idaho's OUT-OF-STATE -SALES (RULE 092), Sections 63-3612, 63-3613, 63-3622Q, of the Idaho Code Rule 092 exemption (above). In this case, I pay for the following costs: puppy's health certificate for flying ($60), puppy's travel crate ($70), harness and lead ($18), travel to, from and parking at the airport ($35). This amounts to $183.

I would like to emphasize: When flying pup in Cargo out of state: no sales tax is due to Idaho. You may have to pay tax in your state but talk to your tax accountant on this for further information on what your state requires. 

Standard Poodle Pricing:

A $400 deposit may be sent when we agree to work together after a telephone interview - Contact me, Janis Prothro (JP) via Form below. I will respond in email and phone number for you to call for an interview. All Deposits must be paid via PayPal.

Please Note - I DO NOT respond to text messages I email ONLY via the form below at which I will provide my email in return. Thank You!

Please assure that you have sent the form below for interest in one of our standard poodles that we may track communication from your desire of gender and color when we visit. With your down payment, JP is committing administrative work, time and money to do her best in communicating and working with you. This form then becomes the start of my file with you...I cannot save text messages which lead to poor communication in my viewpoint and business. You interview me as much as I want to interview you, so please make your list of questions and thoroughly read through this site. Many of your questions can be answered by doing so.

Deposits will reserve a pup for you in the sequence you have sent your down payment according to another...1, 2, 3...

Deposit Policy:

  • Deposits must be received to reserve a puppy.                           
  • Sometimes people change their minds about their desired sex and/or color: If you have given a deposit for a specified sex and/or color then later wish to change your preference after others who are further down the list have given a deposit for their specified sex and/or color - In this case the you will keep the same place on the list for the pup you specified originally; but for a pup other than your original specified preference, your order of choice will be placed AFTER the customers on that waiting list have chosen their pups.
  • Sometimes people change their minds about the litter they want their pup from: If you are on the current litter wait list and wish to change to a future litter after others have been on the waiting list (of that future litter)  - In this case you will be placed for example AFTER the customers who are already on that waiting list, as you have changed your mind after others have come onboard. ***We are not here to disappoint those who chose certain litters...we do our best to place "Bump UPs, or Bump Backs" in areas where it is the most fair.
  • If the pup that you specified with your deposit is not born to the litter: i.e., you specify a Red Male and NO red males are born - In this case you may bump to a future litter, keeping your deposit date as the order of choosing (with the exception of a breeder hold or others who have an earlier deposit date). This is usually the most preferable spot.                                                       
  • I do not return your deposit if you simply changed your mind or circumstances and no longer wish to purchase a pet.
  • Please Do Not ask to be bumped ahead of others if you were to pay fully, it just won't happen. There may be some customers who have been waiting a year and more. Final payment is not accepted until the pups turn 6 wks of age. 
  • In making a deposit "before" a pup’s birth, JP hereby notes your “INTENT” to purchase one of our pups. JP sends the contract to be filled in with your “INTENT” to buy.
  • If one comes on board at one price, example $2,900; and "life happens" or one changes mind and needs to wait into another year, and a price increase may occur in any later year, the new price will be adjusted in the contract...waits beyond the normal time frame of a planned litter must adjust (to any price increase) due to extra work now in more communications to keep going with updates on potential litters.  We do our best to make you happy yet the standard poodle pricing does not make me rich, it does allow me to keep bringing you your loving pets.
  • I do my best to offer you honesty and integrity in making you comfortable with a purchase from a standard poodle puppy for sale. Purchase only when you are in full agreement with your pet desire and my contract. I want my puppies to be loved no matter what their standard poodle pricing and that comes from your committed agreement to love one of these standard poodle puppies. Please move forward with confidence that I will deal honestly with you at all times, as we ask of you.


A Full Refund is given only if: You wanted a pup in a specific litter and it was not born according to your written request.

  • For example: Red Pup/Male was specified and no red male puppies were born - purchaser would have the option of receiving either: 1) a full refund, or 2) a "Bump Back" to the next litter according to the date they came on board, often a priority spot.

NO Refund is given if you simply change your mind - if a refund is requested at any point before receiving pup, there is NO refund. Your down payment will always be available for your return when you are ready for a pup from JP at which you will be given priority accordingly. Things happen in life that are not expected, I respect that...and as long as we are still breeding you will have this's just that we have invested time and work in placing you on the down payment lists, possibly turned away buyers after your placement, et al. We need commitments to the best of your ability at the time to plan for each litter. We don't breed to just breed! We want to know our standard poodle dams have a good start on placements before breeding.

I am here for good will not ill will, but please understand to randomly give back money leaves us with re-marketing Large Standard Poodle pups, telephoning contacts I have had to turn away (and possibly lost to buying from someone else), so that has paid for time and marketing of this pup. It is hard to know what Mother Nature or life is going to do, yet we want to do our best in providing you with a pet to love, whatever gender, color or size. It's all a part of finding a Marvels pet to be in your world: It is a commitment.