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This Large Standard Poodles Contact form at the bottom of page is sent to Janis Prothro  for your start of communication. I respond to your form via email with information and my phone number for you to call me at the day/time you specify in the Contact Form.

Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies
Contact Form: A Few Important Notes
- Please Read -

- Please read notes below -

All Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies are sold as pets only, limited AKC registration with no breeding rights.  

A) As a responsible breeder, I thoroughly vet all applicants to the best of my ability through this Contact Form and a follow up telephone interview. Finding the best home for my puppies where they will be loved and well cared for is my #1 goal. 

B) DO NOT contact me if you are a large breeding kennel or puppy mill. I do not sell my poodles with breeding rights. I only believe in loving family environments for my AKC Standard Poodles.

C)  DO NOT contact me if you are planning to cross breed...It is not my policy. I do not apologize. I do not know of any good standard poodle breeder that would do so, thus I cannot refer you to any.

I will NEVER sell for cross breeding "_______- oodles"

D)  Service Dog Lookers - Please consider the physiology of the standard poodle and whether they (poodle) are physically structured and capable for the type of service work you require of them. All pups are sold as "pet only" per the Health and Spay/Neuter Contract with no further guarantee that they will succeed as a service dog. If you are successful, congratulations!

E) I DO NOT respond to text messages (texting is chaos in my work protocol) PLEASE DO NOT text message me! Thank you. 

* Stars are required in the form below:

  • After you submit the Contact form, I will email you within 24 hours to provide you with my cellphone number so that you can contact me at the day/time you specify in the Contact form for an interview. 
  • I will set aside this time for you, so please call at the day/time you specify. 
  • If you do not contact me, I must assume that you are no longer interested in an interview for a Marvels Standard Poodles puppy.
  • Be sure to check your junk mail folder in case my response email was sent there instead of your inbox.

Thank you for your interest in our Marvels Standard Poodle Puppies! 

Note: Form DOES NOT work on cell phones or tablets, sorry!

Large Standard

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