Our Royal Standard Poodle

* A Perfect World Marvels, He's Going The Distance *

Black Royal Standard Poodle Marvels

Jet Black,  Excellent Structure, Amazing Athlete With the Most Beautiful Movement - Classic Prancing Poodle Style!

* * *

January 29, 2022 (above)

About Marvels

Marvels is The Quintessential Poodle (true to breed in behavior and form). Add that to his *royal size and you have a real show stopper! 

All royal poodles are standard poodles. The term “Royal” is intended to infer an extra large size

Prancing Poodle Style

Tracking Marvels stats:

  • AKC registered
  • 65 lbs
  • 04/30/18  VWD (VonWillebrand) Normal
  • 06/14/18  DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) Normal/Clear
  • 06/14/18  NeWS (Neonatal encephalopathy With Seizures) Normal/Clear
  • 06/14/18. PRA  (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration) Clear
  • 02/04/20  Hips: Excellent   OFA # PO-27847E25M-VPI                            https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=2123253
  • 08/13/20  CERF (eyes free of observable inherited eye disease).                                                                          OFA #: PO-EYE-6394/31MVPI
  • AKC DNA 
  • EMBARK DNA - tested for over 210 genetic mutations linked to disease - 100% clear!
  • 28.5" at the withers
  • 4yr     65 lbs   
  • 3yr     65 lbs
  • 2yr     60 lbs
  • 1yr     59 lbs
  • 6mo   47 lbs
  • 12wk   29 lbs
  • 8wk.  12 lbs

Royal Standard Poodle Pictures

When I think about Marvels, it amazes me how adaptable he is. He can be athletic or cuddly, hilarious or serious, goofy or handsome (he knows when he looks good) -all according to whatever environment he finds himself in.  Adaptability is the hallmark of a good dog and I like that about him. He reminds me to live in the moment. To live joyously, live authentically and live generously. The rest will take care of itself.   

The photos below show it well...

* Mr. Handsome *

"Hello ladies"

Marvels Loves the Beach! We go back often to visit family and friends!

Even dogs get "photo-bombed!"

Did you know that poodles love the water?

"Hey Mr. Chesapeake, I have webbed feet too. Wanna go for a swim?" 

Happy Fourth of July!

"I like my Kuranda Bed"

Super Dog to the rescue!

"Every day's a great day to be someone's hero!"

A View From The Top 

"Mom says I'm a fancy poodle. Awe shucks!"

The (Regal) Royal Standard Poodle

"I'm the giant watch dog  who lives here."

Marvels' Evening Serenade

"Dah-da-da Tada dah DAAAADA"

"How'd you like my song?"

Big Poodle Smile!

Continental Cut

"I need more bling to go with my fancy haircut!"

Time for Breakfast

(and a haircut!)

"I was hoping for Steak"

Showing Off After A Day at The Groomers

"I'm so happy when the grooming is finally over!"

Live Joyfully!

"I'm just happy!"

I Love Inky Black Poodles!

"Are you serious?"  Yes.   "I have to get down?"  Yes.

"But I'm a poodle!"

Getting Ready For Pictures

"This is my wavy beach hair look!"

Athletic Streamline - Beautiful Form

Beach boy Marvels says: "Cowabunga!"

Out and About on the Asilomar in Pacific Grove

"Walking with Dad."

A Perfect Square

"Nothing beats a relaxing walk on the beach."

Poodle Silhouette

"Sitting Pretty. Can I go outside now?"

"I know if I stare long enough, that squirrel will come down from the tree"

Sunset on Poodle in Silhouette

He's Kind of A Poser...LOL

"Stop taking pictures of me...I'm trying to sleep."

6 Months Old - Knows He's Adorable

"They call me Leggy Lambsey"

Marvels Loves to Go Hiking

"...Waiting patiently..."

Life Is Good for This Marvels Royal Standard Poodle

"I sleep how I land. ZZzzz"

More Smiles

"Life is Good!"

"Thank you for visiting my page!"