Kuranda Beds

Probably the best product I've invested in for my dogs is their Kuranda Beds.  Tried and true, after 3 years (and running):

  • They still look new
  • They don't stink
  • They go indoors and out
  • My dogs don't have calluses on their elbows like other dogs who sleep on the hard ground
  • My dogs LOVE  them!
  • In my humble opinion:

 Kuranda Beds Are a MUST-HAVE for Any Dog

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Why I Love Kuranda Beds

Here's what I (and my dogs) love about these beds:

  • Kuranda's elevated dog bed provides joint relief and orthopedic support. The cot-style design, evenly distributes their weight so that there are no pressure points like they would have on the ground.
  • They beds are virtually indestructible. They are made of high strength, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, they stand up to the toughest dogs, indoors or out. They don't rust or corrode. 
  • They are easy to clean. There is no stuffing that can harbor dirt, smells and allergens. The accessory pads (sold separately) are machine washable and fit securely with their corner leg loops - easy to put on, easy to remove. I literally wash my Kuranda beds with the garden hose, dry with a towel and replace the pad.

~ Because every dog deserves a comfortable place to sleep and relax ~

Click here if you wish to visit Kuranda's website and are interested in one of these wonderful dog beds for your pet: 


I've added a few photos of Marvels, Scarlet (and Chief) with their Kuranda Beds. They are so versatile - indoors or out - and have stood the test of time.

Marvels Loves to Lounge Outdoors 

Dogs always seem to find the best places to hang out

Why is Chief on my Kuranda Bed? (Uh-Oh!)

...I Ended Up Having to Get One More Kuranda Bed!

Close-Up Photo^

Now They're Both Happy!

...LOL, Looks Like I'll Be Getting One More Kuranda Bed for Scarlet! 

All Dogs love Kuranda

Even Cats Love Kuranda

^^^ Please don't let that cat on my bed ever again ^^^

Photo taken October 14, 2020: Scarlet's starting to get a belly! Now, and especially as her belly grows I'm grateful that she has the orthopedic support and comfort provided by Kuranda!

The look that says: "When are you going to get me a Kuranda Bed?"

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